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Martinelli's Gold Medal Pure Apple Juice.

Martinelli's Apple Juice has been an American Classic since 1868. Made from the finest varieties of US Grown fresh apples that are picked, pressed and pasteurized for the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Not made from concentrate like many other brands, Martinelli's premium 100% juice has no added water, sugar or chemical preservatives. Many people refer to Martinelli's as "liquid gold" and say it's the best tasting apple juice in the world.

Apple Juice 10 FL OZ - glass bottle Martinelli's

SKU: 04124498
    • 100% juice made from US GROWN fresh apples
    • Bottled in the Pajaro Valley along the Monterey Bay of California
    • Contains no added water, sweeteners or chemical preservatives
    • Smells and tastes like fresh picked apples!
    • Premium quality, NOT from concentrate
    • Picked, pressed and pasteurized
    • 10 Fl oz iconic recyclable PET apple shaped bottle
    • Drink your apple a day!�
  • Free from Does Not Contain Declaration Obligatory Allergens.

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