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(Miniature corner of Vietnamese traditional market)

When you come to our Farmer's Market, you can feel the familiarity and closeness as if you were in the modest space of a typical Vietnamese market! The layout and items are presented in a pleasing and attractive manner with the user's health always in our mind. SEN ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET is also conveniently located right in the middle of Richmond, on the most bustling Cary Town Street!

  • Distinguishing characteristics

    • High-quality products, safety and hygiene, recognized agricultural product origins, elegant and environmentally friendly packaging, etc., are distinguishing characteristics of SEN ORGANIC FARM MARKET and our dedication to customers, which also serves as a guideline for all of our future endeavors.

  • High-quality products

    • 100% organic fresh vegetables, tubers, and fruits supplied by the most prestigious local farms. Agricultural products are very diverse and are Vietnamese specialties used in daily recipes.

    • Bread, broken rice, and other popular dishes that can be observed on the streets of Saigon every day are prepared and packaged properly while maintaining the dish's original flavor.

    • Customers can enjoy a variety of well-known Vietnamese teas; each kind of tea has its own particular flavor, and it is not only delicious but also beneficial to one's health. When compared to the taste of local tea, the robust flavor of Vietnamese tea will provide an intriguing and novel experience.

    • The most notable are organic coffee grown and made in Vietnam's Lam Dong province, which has a long history of producing coffee specialty! We are confident that users will fall head over heels in love with this product!

  • Delicate details in each product   

    • Area for displaying & selling traditional handicrafts of Vietnamese people. We want to spread the cultural significance of Vietnamese craft communities to the world.

    • A wide range of products are made manually, requiring numerous complex processes that can only be completed by skilled artisans! Sen Organic wants buyers to be able to sense the sophistication in each product.

  • Convenient – Fast & After-sales policy

    • Customers can purchase goods in various ways, including visiting FARMERS MARKET directly, ordering over the phone, or shopping online through SEN ORGANIC's official e-commerce website.

    • At SEN ORGANIC, we only have one after-sales policy: to prioritize our customers' interests and health. Customer satisfaction is what motivates us to improve the quality of our products and services!​​

Organic Famers Market Richmond
fresh produce and baker cart vietnamese market

The idea for a local Vietnamese market comes from the vision of Hang Pham, owner of Sen Organic Small Plate and Perception Organic Spa. 

At Sen Organic, we have a passion for sharing our grandma-style, Vietnamese cooking with everyone we meet.

We welcome you to this unique and special spot in Richmond!

All About Us

Bánh Mì Sen Organic FramersMarket

Rooted in community

We are a small, locally-owned business in Carytown, Richmond, VA. 

Our mission at Sen Organic Farmers Market is to provide you with fresh food and produce, all locally sourced. 

Cary Town, Richmond VA

2820 W Cary St.,
Richmond VA 23221


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