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 Natural Cam Lai Wooden chopsticks or Mun. Wooden Chop stick(10 round pairs) natural wood with beautiful texture, super durable. 

This high-end chopsticks are 100% handcrafted by artisans, with slight deviation, the texture can be changed by the manufacturer to match the trend. 👉 Natural marble wood on the body of the chopsticks and the color is not the same, does not affect the quality (random color)

đŸ€ Advantages: The body of the chopsticks is hard, less warping, not moldy, use up to 10 years will not be ruffled at the head, cook and withstand high temperatures, when washing without grease.

👉 100% marbled chopsticks for carpentry, natural color and grain, no dyes, toxic wash.

👉 The marble chopsticks are selected for all vertical fibers, anti-fracture. (Unlike the same chopsticks are marble wood, but the horizontal fiber is easy to break "cheap equal to nearly 1 half") - Advantages that other chopsticks are difficult to do:

👉 Chopsticks are meticulously handcrafted very beautifully, pick up food that is not slippery, pick up chicken, cassava cake comfortably without fear of breaking, because we have chosen the full chopsticks. The set is vertical grain wood, when used, it does not have latex like other wood, can be stir-fried to withstand high temperatures.

👉 Chopsticks are clean without detergents, do not use harmful dyes, so the natural wood grain color remains intact.

Wooden Graving Chopstick Set

SKU: 000002580128

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