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This loose leaf black tea is a robust blend of Vietnam black tea, ginger pieces and natural essence of pure ginger root.

Spice ginger is lightly tempered by a smooth black tea base.

Besides this, ginger tea is a spicy and healthy drink that finds favor in hot climates.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, ginger was used to flavor beer. Ginger is also reported to have high antioxidant properties that make it a free radical scavenger. Feeling a little depressed? Consider taking a cup of ginger tea to relax with. A comforting beverage indeed. Remember, here is a tea that can be served hot or cold. We invite you to enjoy ginger tea whatever the circumstances. 

Vietnam Ginger Black Tea - Sun dried -Organic - 1oz

SKU: 000000020213
  • Hand crafted - Sun Dried Organic Ginger root, Organic Black tea

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