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The benefits of stinging nettle tea are numerous. A rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it is said to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, detoxifying and even a natural painkiller. It is also a good source of iron and vitamin C, and has been used traditionally to treat arthritis, respiratory disorders, heart disease and digestive ailments.


Nettle Leaf has a prickly reputation - it is known as stinging nettle because the plant has bristly hairs called trichomes. Yet, the leaves lose their sting when dried or cooked, and you're left with a nutrient-packed plant.*


Nettle Leaf tastes similar to spinach and can be sprinkled in soups, stews, and rice. When brewed into an herbal tea, Nettle boasts a rich, herbaceous taste. 

Common Names

Stinging nettle, common nettle, greater nettle

Stinging Nettle leaf Tea- Organic - Local - 1oz

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