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5" Natural stir straws, Made from wheat stems

  • Gluten-free, never-soggy design can be used in both hot and cold drinks
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Perfect for environmentally conscious bars, restaurants, caterers, and any event , parties.
  • With plastic-free packaging, they reduce the number of harmful plastics that pollute the environment and negatively impact ecosystems around the world. Designed by nature to withstand the elements, Sai Sen Straws can be used in hot drinks, unlike most other plastic straw alternatives. And unlike paper straws, they do not get soggy, are made from a renewable source, and require minimal processing. Since Sai Sen  Straws are purely wheat, they're also 100% compostable.

    These natural straws also add visual appeal when served with your signature cocktails and sodas with their unique appearance and slightly golden color. No two straws are exactly alike, thanks to naturally occurring variance among plants. Each straw is soaked and rinsed three times with sterilized water to ensure hygienic use, air-dried, and inspected for quality

Sai Sen 5" Natural Wheat Compostable Stir Straws


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