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Long, wiry, reddish-brown leaf, golden tips describes this reasonably priced BLACK tea from Vietnam. The cup colour is a red-brown clear sparkling infusion that looks appealing to the eye. This tea is from one of the few organic tea producers from the northwest of Vietnam that brings us one of  specialties. The harvest of this tea originates from the local small farmers; thus, buying this specialty the families are well supported. When steeping this tea, I do not recommend making it too strong, especially on the first cup. Too strong a cup will most likely turn you off this tea and most other black teas for that matter. This organic Vietnamese tea growing at altitudes above 900 meters convinces us by its fine honey aroma and its marvelous look. Golden tips and a long leaf that characterizes this tea.

Organic Vietnam Red Black Tea, 1 oz

SKU: 795847549019
  • Organic Red Black Tea - Hand Picked and Sun Dried

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