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Discover this all-in-one balm for face, lips and body.

Formulated with honey and dandelion from organic farming, it is 100% natural. Its powdery rose scent will enchant you from the first use.

WE LOVE: 100% ingredients of natural origin

Natural, naturally-derived or organic ingredients all come from nature. They include natural ingredients and others that are physically transformed (grinding, pressure, fermentation, saponification, etc.), but oil is never involved in their physical transformation.

Essentially formulated with:

-honey that deeply hydrates

-shea butter that hydrates and nourishes

-sesame seed oil that softens

-dandelion extract which nourishes the skin

Our multi-purpose balm is certified 100% ingredients of natural origin and it is delicately scented with powdered rose.

Feret Parfumeur- Original Le Baume 1.7oz

SKU: 3760248150024

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