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Le Bloc Hyalin has astringent, antiseptic and antiperspirant properties.

It leaves a thin transparent film which creates a barrier to bad odors and the development of bacteria.

Antiperspirant: this natural deodorant regulates perspiration on the surface without clogging pores and eliminates bacteria that are sources of bad odors.

AstringentBloc Hyaline is widely used by athletes. It limits the appearance of injuries due to friction. To keep hands and feet dry, apply before putting on your gloves, socks and shoes.

Antiseptic: Ideal after shaving The Hyaline Block helps stop bleeding related to micro-cuts and limits the appearance of pimples.


Le Bloc Hyalin is in its raw state but includes a hand-sanded and rounded end for a smooth application. Wet it under lukewarm water and pass it over the desired areas.

The stone then covers the skin with an invisible layer of thousands of micro-crystals preventing the development of bacteria responsible for bad odors.

Feret Parfumeur- Bloc Hyalin 100G Deodarant

SKU: 3760099310028

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