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Indulge in the savory goodness of a buttery, flaky pastry folded over Berkshire pork ham and smooth Emmentaler Swiss cheese. These delicious, meaty, and cheesy croissant bundles are substantial in size and pack incredible flavor. 

Artisanally made by folding 100% pure butter into smooth croissant dough, then hand shaping it over a delectable filling of ham and swiss cheese, these croissants deliver traditional French flavors and texture. Once baked, these croissants have an authentic golden brown color, flaky, layered interior, and a buttery mouthfeel with a savory kick. 


Croissant, Ham & Swiss Cheese-6oz-Ready to Bake

SKU: 748252247636
  • Easyto prepare - simply thaw at room temperature before baking.

    Download and print instruction here.

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