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Sun dried Bio-degradable fresh lotus flower by hand in Mekong River Delta - Thap Muoi-Vietnam .

Fresh lotus tea buds are made by Vietnamese Artisan, along with the premium tea marinated lotus rice, keep the fragrance and freshness , high quality of the lotus with the experience in marinating lotus tea for many years. We are select the premium tea from the thap Muoi - Mekong river Delta (Dong Bang Song Cuu Long) - Vietnam

Health benefit: Bring mental relaxation, reduce stress, fatigue, heart disease and stroke. Improve blood pressure stability.

Blooming lotus flower tea - Tinh tam lien hoa tra

  • Bring to boil 10oz (300ml)water, place lotus tea in the tea cup. Pour boiling water over the blosso. Steep 5-7 min and enjoyed.

  • Biodergradable, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy free, Nut free

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