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Sai Sen Blooming tea is a completely handmade, hand tired and organic tea.  It is a good balance of the health benefit of tea and herbal flowers, which makes it is not only good in taste but also in appearance. The tea ball will bloom into floral bouquet, just like a beauty dance trippingly the water.

Make any tea cup healthier and happier.


Have a timeless tea experience over 250 times with SaiSen's Flowering White Tea Variety Pack. Each canister contains 5 fragrant tea blossoms made of the highest quality organic white and green tea leaves. Each hand-tied tea bloom has been blended with exquisite edible flowers and jasmine to give you the ultimate tea-drinking experience. Each tea ball has it's own unique flower and delivers a pot of delicious tasting healthy green tea.

The flowering teas in this gift pack contain The Art of Love, Relax, Recharge, Rebalance and Restore


Steep your favorite flowering teas using one of our safe, lead-free and cadmium-free glass teapots specially made for enjoying the visual display of blooming tea, and to ensure your tea tastes as pure as possible.

Blooming Happiness Flower Tea- Organic Bag of 5

SKU: 795847548913
  • Fresh, mild with fragrance of flower and green tea flavor

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