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“Racket Coffee” – Unique Cultural Feature Of The Saigon People

Racket coffee was brought to Saigon in 1950s. It can be said that this is one of the famous coffees, with a rich flavor and both aroma of pure coffee, and sweet and fat finish. The image of Saigon people enjoying racket coffee in the morning while chatting or reading newspapers is considered a typical cultural feature of Saigon people.

The racket coffee is named after the tool used to make it, and it is also known as sock coffee, braised coffee. At that time, when filter coffee were not yet popular, people used a cloth filter to make coffee. This method requires a more meticulous preparation than today's filter coffee. And to have a cup of strong coffee, it must go through many different stages.

Those who are not used to drinking coffee with a bitter taste can add a little sugar or a little milk, stir and then enjoy. A bit of coffee with the purest flavor will make you feel the taste of coffee gradually spreading throughout your mouth, filling your nose and give you a feeling of refreshment.

Today, this type of coffee is still very popular and is considered a rustic drink in every street and alley in Saigon. Do you want to enjoy the unique taste of this coffee and ignore the challenges of time and complicated stages? Let’s visit Sen Organic Farmers Market to enjoy a cup of authentic Saigon's Racket Coffee.

You can secure about its organic racket coffee beans, which have been delicately processed in every bag of Sai Sen organic Coffee and filled to the top, giving you a natural caffeine boost.

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