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Organic Famers Maket

Eco-Friendly Bulk

Sen Organic Farmers Market sells wholesale party, catering, and event supplies and disposables. This includes dishes, cutlery, takeout, cups, straws, and more! Sen Organic Farmers Market offers a variety of organic food options as well as wholesale eco-friendly disposables. We source products made from natural materials. Whether it's a birthday party or an elegant wedding ceremony, make all your celebrations green, sustainable, and eco-friendly with our wholesale supplies and disposables. Contact us to consult for your next event or gathering. We are happy to help you minimize your carbon footprint and choose only eco-friendly solutions.

Sài Sen Ogranic Coffee

Caphe Phin Coffee Sai Sen is a product line of Sen Organic Co. Focus on developing products of pure origin, original Vietnamese coffee taste. With this passion, Sai Sen Coffee product line has been researched and produced from clean and pure ingredients in the highlands of Vietnam, handcrafted to ensure pure taste.

Biodegradable Straws

These are compost-friendly, biodegradable straws. Toss them in your garden or compost bin after use! Our coffee straws are a wonderful alternative to plastic because they are safe for the earth. Also, unlike plastic drinking straws, our eco-friendly straws contain absolutely no chemicals or toxic materials.

Biodegradable To Go 

VERSATILE: Perfect for any restaurant, bistro, bakery, and cafe that wants to send
home customers happy and satisfied
SUSTAINABLE: These food containers are made from all nature-friendly poplar wood

Biodegradable Containers 

Meet our suppliers

Our Commitment to You

  • Local ingredients

  • Organic practices

  • Wild-caught seafood

  • Eco-friendly 

 A viable plastic alternative, cornstarch offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to eco-friendly packaging options. It is both biodegradable and recyclable, making it a sustainable option for packaging.

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