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Trung Thu Festival
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Trung Thu story


For a long time, the Mid-Autumn Festival has always been considered a festival of reunion, family affection, and an inalienable tradition of Vietnamese people. In the atmosphere of this special holiday, Sen would like to send deep gratitude to our customers - best friends who have accompanied Sen throughout the past journey.

Along with the tireless efforts of the Management and staffs, Sen has been and is constantly trying to improve in the journey to bring the best solutions in a wide range of healthcare products, organic products as well as the most convenient products that Sen has, but still imbued with Vietnamese culture. With the concept of always bringing interesting experiences, dedicated service and more importantly, bringing the best health to all customers, when experiencing the services and shopping here… During this Mid-autumn festival, it can be said to be the first time that Sen has brought people very "special" services, more gifts accompanied by joy & warm atmosphere in SEN's space, above all it's all done by the members of the SEN house.

trung Thu Package Deals

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Product Basket

  • Banh Pho Gao Luc x1

  • Re-pack Pho Spice x2

  • Vietnamese Five Spice x1

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The French Tea Time

  • Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise Earl Grey Pure Butter Waffles

  • Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise Caramel Pure Butter Waffles

  • Canasuc Sugar Teapots

  • Goulibeur Shortbread in Eco Tube

  • Goulibeur Cocoa Shortbread in Eco Tube

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The French Herbs

  • Cordero Red Lentil Pasta (Gluten Free)

  • L'Ami Provencal Lavender Flowers in Gift Box

  • Coucke Sardine Tin Linen Tea Towel

  • Cordero Mushroom & Saffron Risotto

  • Aux Anysetiers du Roy Herbs de Provence in Ceramic Jar

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