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Susosu Hydrogen Water is a type of mineral water that has been infused with hydrogen. It comes in a 10.5 oz spouted aluminum pouch, which is designed to make it easy to drink and pour. It is sourced directly from a protected 400-foot underground source of mineral spring water and is free of impurities, making it a pure and natural source of hydration. The addition of hydrogen to the water is said to offer a variety of potential health benefits, including improved hydration, antioxidant properties, and reduced inflammation. The aluminum pouch is designed to keep the water fresh and the hydrogen infused in it, ensuring that the consumer gets the maximum benefits of the hydrogen water.


Susosu Water helps you excel beyond hydration by providing you a naturally-refreshing & fully functional beverage that fuels your wellness. We revolutionize the way you hydrate by combining our naturally- refreshing mineral water with hydrogen molecules!


Mineral + Hydrogen Water
Natural Mineral Water: Natural electrolytes, nutrients and minerals directly from our protected 400 feet underground source.
Infused Hydrogen: Smaller clusters of water molecules for better body absorption thus providing antioxidant properties.


The recyclable aluminum pouch is made to take on the go, where ever you go. Less carbon footprint than glass and plastic bottled waters. 1 truckload carries the same amount of unfilled pouches as 6 truckloads of unfilled glass bottles.

Susosu Hydrogen Water 10.5 FL Oz, 300ML

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  • - Body Longevity

    - Healthy Hydration

    - Natural Energy Booster

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