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D_a m�n is a mix of brined vegetables,  a Vietnamese version of an Italian giardiniera that is ubiquitously found on tables of feasting Vietnamese families during lunar new year celebrations.  It�s commonly eaten with traditional banh chung and banh tet, but can really be used as a vegetable side for a meat entree. Each family may have their own recipes that vary slightly, but they all consist of carrot, daikon, and leeks brined in a prepared vegan sauce.  Another common vegetable is green papaya but our aunt also loves throwing in boiled peanuts for it�s crunch. The vegetables in dua m�n have an extra crunchiness and bite that�s different from the regular do chuathat�s used in banh mi or spring rolls.  The secret is to start with dried vegetables, which after sitting in the vegan  sauce for a few days soaks up tons of flavor but instead of being soggy, it crunchy with a toothy bite that�s truly addicting.


SKU: 000000014052
  • Organic Radish, Organic Carrot, Organic Cucumber, Organic Papaya, Non-GMO Red Chili Pepper, Himalayan salt, gluten free soy sauce,, Organic Brown Sugar.

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