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Vietnamese Preserved Lemons (Chanh Mu_i) and Salty Lemonade


Chanh muoi is the name for Vietnamese preserved lemons as well as the salty lemonade that's made from them. You can make this traditional home remedy at home as a refreshing cold beverage (just add fizzy water) or a nourishing hot tea to soothe what ails you.

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Sen Organic Salty Lime-CHANH MU_I-29oz

SKU: 000000014106
  • Organic Lime / Lemon

    Water, Himalayan salt

  • Make 10 oz glass

    1 chanh mu_i wedge
    Soda water, still water, or Sprite
    Sugar, to taste
    Ice (optional)

    My favorite way to drink this is mixed with soda water (pumped from my SodaStream), but you can also use still water for a more traditional lemonade or Sprite for a refreshingly fizzy drink.

    Separate and spoon a chanh mu_i wedge into a tall glass.

    Muddle half of lime or lemon in your glass with a spoon to mash most of the juices out.

    Add your choice of soda water, still water, or Sprite. If using soda or still water, stir in a few spoonfuls of sugar to taste. It should have a salty-sweet flavor that�s not too overpowering.

    Add ice if desired, and serve!

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