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Vegan - Gluten free - Non GMO - No MSG - Nut Free

Sen Organic  12 Grain Rice is a small and convenice paper gift bag packed with authentic staple grains and a wide variety of rice and beans. Filled with brown rice, sweet brown rice, barley, green pea, black rice, black bean, red bean, peeled mung bean, red sorghum, job�s tear, oat, buckwheat groats, green pea, quinoa, rye berries and beans, this bag brings you all the nutritious grains ready to enrich your dishes with flavor!

Cultivated from as early as 5,000 BC, rice has been the world�s most popular and beloved grain for centuries! Being the staple of almost 80% of the world population, rice takes the crown for being one of the most versatile foods available on every continent (with the exception of Antarctica, of course!). From the most popular white rice and fiber-packed brown rice to Arborio and Basmati rice, a wide variety of options are available in our collection of rice from all over the world! If you�re interested in discovering your next favorite go-to rice from various parts of the world, check out our selection!

Sen Organic is a distinguished Vietnamese organic food brand dedicated to bringing the best of traditional Vietnam cuisine to your kitchen with products made with only the highest quality ingredients. With over years and years of expertise in bringing authentic Asian foods, the Sen Organic brand delivers a wide variety of products ranging from superior rice and beans to noodles, seasonings, and condiments. To discover more authentic Vietnamese brands like Sen Organic, Sai Sen, feel free to browse through our online Vietnamese grocery store.

18 Grain Rice by Sen Organic makes for a superior and ready-to-cook option that you can use for crafting classic Korean, Vietnamese and much more.

Sen Organic 18 Grains Rice-500grams

SKU: 000000030007
  • Organic: Brown jasmine rice, brown sweet rice, black rice, long grain red rice, purple rice, wild rice, soy bean, whole oat, hulless barley, red sorghum, job�s tear, black bean, red bean, peeled mung bean, buckwheat groats, green pea, quinoa, rye berries.

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