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Southeast Asia's answer to rich, malty Assam tea! This organic and Fair Trade Certified Cam Ranh Black Tea hails from the banks of the Red River in Vietnam's Cam Ranh province. The uniform, twisted organic loose tea leaves exhibit substantial tippiness, and yield a brew that is pleasantly rich, malty and coppery, with hints of molasses.

Although the rainforests of south China (and their indigenous tea trees) have been all but destroyed by sprawl and industrialization, efforts are afoot to preserve the rainforests just south of the border in northern Vietnam. In order to make a compelling argument to the Vietnamese government for the preservation of these native landscapes, the organic Vietnamese tea harvesting tribes of the Cam Ranh province are striving to produce superior-quality "ancient tree" teas that are highly sought after on the international marketplace. Although they're still developing their green tea manufacturing technique, this very wonderful organic black tea is now being produced to help preserve Vietnam's northern rainforests.


Organic Vietnam Cam Ranh Black Tea - 1oz

SKU: 000000020336
  • Hand crafted - Sun Dried Organic Black tea

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