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This Thai Chilli Sauce provides a balanced blend of red chilli paste, mixed with vinegar, syrup and seasoning to make an cxcellent accompaniment to your favourite dishes.

Many mis-attribute sriracha to Vietnamese cuisine, thanks to the presence of sriracha bottles on the tables of most pho restaurants, but in reality, the condiment hails from Thailand. What we associate with sriracha sauce (the beloved green-capped bottle in almost every home and most diners) isn�t actually the same style as what you would find in Thailand. The Thai style is less acidic and slightly sweeter, with a thinner texture and mellower heat, and this one showcases those qualities perfectly. It�s sweeter and milder than the typical rooster-adorned bottle of sriracha you�re likely used to seeing, with much less of a vinegary tang. It has a distinct savory complexity thanks to the fermentation process and the addition of tropical-sweet pineapple vinegar�which they craft themselves�to boost the fruitiness of the chilies. A twist on the traditional.



Organic Thai Sriracha Chili Sauce 8.82oz (250gr)

SKU: 8859060301020
  • Enjoy your fried chicken, grilled steak, french fried or shrimp salad with Thai Chilli Sauce for deliciously spicy dish.

    This sriracha was originally developed to pair with the abundant seafood in Thailand� that sweetness and gentle heat will pair perfectly with briny-sweet seafood. But you can use this as you would any hot sauce. It�s great as a condiment on sandwiches, wraps and dumplings and eggs, and even a dip for French fries. We also love using a dab of this to spice up sauces, dressings and marinades. Try drizzling it atop our Stir-Fried Beef and Ginger With Garlic and Scallions or Thai Rice Soup (Khao Tom). We also love it tossed with our Chickpea and Cucumber Salad (Chana Chaat).

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