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One of the oldest fruits known to be consumed by humans, figs have been a staple in Mediterranean diets for thousands of year. Used as a sweetener, figs are also eaten alone, both fresh and dried.
Qualities: Turkish figs are one of the largest, juiciest, and sweetest varieties of figs available. Packed with antioxidants, figs are an excellent source of protein, rich in soluble fiber aka prebiotics, supporting good gut function, They are high in potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper along with vitamins A, K, and E and are an excellent source of calcium, aiding bone density. 
Common Use: Delicious on their own or as an addition to granolas, cereals, or platters. Figs are also famous for their natural sweetness and sugar content, making them ideal for baking.

Organic Sun Dried Turkish Figs- 4oz

SKU: 000000017800

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