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Flip the script on syrup and invite your customers to reimagine maple flavor with this Runamok cinnamon and vanilla-infused maple syrup! This product begins with pure, organic maple syrup that's skillfully tapped from maple trees deep in the woods of Northern Vermont. The fresh maple syrup is combined with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans and aged under the watchful eye of syrup production experts. During this aging period, the sweet, rich maple syrup draws in the essence of the cinnamon and vanilla, creating a rich, complex profile comprising pronounced maple flavor with cinnamon warmth and lush vanilla tones. This premium infused syrup is an innovative yet sophisticated addition to your menu and is sure to become an instant favorite among your guests! It's packaged in single-serving 1.5 oz. cups that offer enhanced sanitation, easy portioning, and simple cleanup. 

Organic Runamok Maple Syrup-Cinnamon Infused-45ml

SKU: 009800005673

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