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Dried straw mushroom is an edible mushroom that has many nutritional and medicinal properties for good health. With high protein content, adding vitamin D is good for strong bones and teeth. With 100% ingredients from freshly dried Straw Mushroom, which is a clean mushroom, the mushroom meat is very sweet and has a fragrant flavor.

Organic Dried Straw Mushroom - N_m m_ r_m VIETNAM

SKU: 000000020312
  • Dried straw mushrooms are inherently medicinal mushrooms, helping to support health and prevent diseases.

    The fungus has many special nutrients to help protect the body from many negative effects directly from the outside and inside.

    Has the effect of detoxifying heavy metals in the body. Is a food rich in nutritional value than beef, pork, eggs, cow's milk, fish ...

    Easy to combine with any dish and the vegetarian or savory menu is fine. Longer shelf life than fresh straw mushrooms, can be taken to the picnic to use with family and friends.

  • 1oz - Packed in Rice paper bag

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