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Discover this high-quality, high-strength Natural Bath Sponge, from La Savonnerie de Nyons. Ideal for grooming with great softness. This skincare product cleanses the skin thanks to its natural virtues of the sea and makes every bath a sensual beauty ritual. This sponge comes directly from the Mediterranean Sea! For centuries now, bathing has been one of humanity's most beneficial healing rituals. However, it is first and foremost the natural sponges that transform body care during bathing into a pleasure for all the senses. Quality sponges rid the skin of all its impurities and dead skin. A particularly demanding and sensitive skin enjoys being gently cleaned by a natural bath sponge.

Natural Sea Sponge - La Savonnerie de Nyons

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  • Tips for use Moisten the sponge and add soap. Lather your body. Rinse the sponge after use.

    .It is advisable before the first use, to wash your natural sponge with soap. Rinse with clear water and allow to dry after each use. To extend its lifespan, do not use detergent, boil, or twist your sponge. If your water is very limestone, make it take a bath consisting of a mixture of vinegar and cold water for a few hours. This sponge has been cleaned with the utmost care to remove any marine residue. Composition Sea sponge caught in the Mediterranean.

  • 9x8x11 cm (approx.)

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