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A simple one-tier lunch box that is lightweight and easy to use.

Packed lunch boxes can be frozen as is!
Microwavable with the lid on!
Lid with gasket to prevent leaks.
Includes a divider for easy filling.
Simple design makes it convenient as a food storage container.
Dishwasher safe.

Lunch box Lunch box Storage container With divider With packing With air valve Dishwasher safe Microwave safe Freezable Lightweight Skater Corporation Made in Japan Character Made in Japan

Miffy Bento box - Skater - 430ml

SKU: 4973307548499
  • Dimensions

    Size:142 (width) X 115 (depth) X 64 mm (height)
    Capacity: 430ml
    (Assuming 1 cup of tea bowl is 200ml, the amount of rice that can fit in 1/2 of the body: 1.1 cups)
    Weight: 100g


    Country of manufacture: Japan

    Material / component: [Quality Label]
    Lid*Body*Divider*Stopper: Polypropylene
    Packing*Air valve: Silicone rubber

    [Heat resistance temperature]
    -20 to 140 deg.

    *Not for use on direct flame *Oven *Grill.

    Package: Individual Packaging

    Year of manufacture: 2023

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