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Discover a range of teas and infusions with subtle fragrances from the most prestigious gardens. A nice tasting box in book form containing 30 individual tea bags of 6 different varieties. Would you like to give an original and gourmet gift? Opt for Maxim's individual tea bag box. It is the assurance of pleasure in all circumstances. You will discover a tea in individual bags. It is the guarantee of a freshness and a remarkable quality. At every moment of the day its tea. For the morning, opt for a black tea, invigorating and purifying. For the morning break, a small green tea maxim's blend will be perfect. For the afternoon, Ceylon tea will delight you. Finally, before bedtime, opt for the "Belle Epoque" infusion. Maxim's tea box is a tea box that will delight lovers of high-quality teas.

To accompany this nice box, fall for the cup in the colors of Maxim's and the famous designer SEM.

Maxim's Gift Box of 30 Assorted Tea Cristal Bag

SKU: 3391860001304
  • Maxim's blend tea: Black tea, lemon essential oil, bergamot flavoring Royal Street tea: Black tea, bergamot, and vanilla flavoring, rose petals, lavender flowers, white tips Ceylon tea: Black tea Maxim's green tea: Green tea, bergamot and sweet orange essential oils, bergamot, and orange peels Green tea with mint: Green tea, nanah mint leaf Belle �poque infusion: Sweet orange and bergamot peels, red rose, lemongrass, orange and mallow flowers, blackcurrant leaves, natural red fruit flavor and other natural flavors

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