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Le Panier Francais brings you this French bouquet of candies in three tins with the figure of Le Petit Prince. This magnificent French story, which has been translated into 411 languages and dialects, had celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021. Rose petals are turned into little and very tasty pink hard candy; they make an excellent guest present and should be discovered whenever possible. The French candy rose is a typical sweet that is acidic and has a rose taste. Lavender is a typical lavender-flavored sweet that is frosted and flower-shaped. Our childhood was shaken by these wonderful tiny delights of yesteryear. The delicate union of sweets and violet flower: Find the purple sweets! These French violet candies are produced from the violet flower. This beautiful and lyrical French purple candy transports you to a flowering garden scented with violets and a bygone period when delicacies were created with passion and natural ingredients. By purchasing this gorgeous tin with the effigy of Le Petit Prince, you are assisting Ronald McDonald House Charities, a family and children's organization that assists families with ill children.

Product of France

Violet Flavor

Le Petit Prince Hard Candy 3 Tins Gift of 80g/2.80 oz each

SKU: 709515324440
  • sugar, glucose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavor (violet), carrot and hibiscus concentrate. Traces of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and milk Lavender Flavor Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, lavender essential oil, carrot, and hibiscus concentrate Traces of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and milk Rose Flavor Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, natural rose flavor, acidifier: citric acid, radish, lemon, and blackcurrant concentrate Traces of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and milk

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