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Cepes (mushrooms) and summer white truffle cream, artichoke cream with truffle, and Artisanal Black Olives with Summer Truffles Pesto are included in this truffle lover gift set. These spreads are all fantastic with warm Brioche, pasta, and risotto. From sweet to savory and everywhere in between, L'Epicurien produces a wide array of confits, jams, and spreads for any occasion.

L'epicurien Truffle Set 3x3.5oz

SKU: 344126000866
  • 3 OF 3.5OZ


  • Artichokes (70.5%), Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Flavor, Perigord Truffles (1.1%), Salt, Pepper, Lactic Acid, Black Olives (46%), Paris Mushroom, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, , Summer Truffles (1.7%), Caper, Anchovy Cream, Cep Cream (6%), White Summer Truffles (1.3%)

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