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As an international star in canned , Pate Henaff has never changed its famous pork recipe, created in 1915 by Jean Henaff. It always brings together the best pieces of pork, such as fillets and hams, which makes it less fat than other pates. Its manufacturing secret? A recipe based on carefully selected aroma and spices that remains as tasty as it is mysterious. To make the difference with all the pates in the world, Pate Henaff is only made from fresh meat from neighboring hog farms of our site of preparation of Pouldreuzic, in a radius of less than 150 km.

Product of France.

Henaff French Brittany Pate 153g/5.40 oz

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  • Pork, pork livers, water, modified corn starch, salt, sodium caseinate, spices, flavors, garlic, sodium nitrite (contains milk)

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