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Financiers are miniature almond cakes with crisp edges and a soft interior flavored with nutty brown butter. Financiers are traditionally baked in rectangular molds to make them look like gold bars. It seems like no one is quite sure if they get their name from their shape, or if they get their name and shape from their target clientele. Purportedly, financiers were sold to bankers in the financial district of Paris who were looking for a sweet treat tidy enough not to risk staining their suits.

As it turns out, financiers are actually a centuries-old confection made by the nuns of the Order of the Visitation since the Middle Ages. They made a cake called visitandine with nuts, egg whites, and brown butter, much like today’s financier.

Made in France.

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France Mini Almond Cake- Les Petits Financiers-25gr

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  • Cane sugar, egg white, butter, ground almons, wheat flour, glycerin, glucose-frutose syrup, whole eggs, salt, leavening, wheat starch, natural bitter almond flavoring, natural vanilla flavoring

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