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Discover La Savonnerie de Nyons 220g Rose Petal exfoliating rope soap cleans the skin's pores and aids in the removal of dead epidermal cells while leaving a pleasant smell behind. Dead skin cells and the top layer of skin are removed as part of this natural exfoliation process. It promotes the regeneration of cells. When you exfoliate, you'll discover softer, more even-toned skin. Organic shea butter and Nyons Olive Oil, which have softening and protecting qualities, are also included in this body exfoliating soap. Make use of a skin scrub as part of your beauty regimen. It's created in our soap factory in Provence, where we make all our handmade soaps.

Exfoliating Rose Pink Soap with Roap-La Savonnerie de Nyons 220g/7.76 oz

SKU: 000070102987
  • Apply to wet skin. Make a lather and rinse with lots of water. Avoid coming into touch with your eyes. In the event of contact, thoroughly rinse the eyes with clean water.

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