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About this item
� Finest French Tea
� The Mariage Fr�res French Breakfast Tea has a highly developed flavour, that is both powerful and
refined. Served with or without milk it is the perfect addition to a breakfast of croissants, fresh
butter and jam, and continental accompaniments.
� From the sophisticated tea house, Mariage Fre�s in France, comes this elegant and traditional black

Earl Grey French Blue Tea - Mariage Freres - 100g (3.5 Ounce)

SKU: 370028654951
  • Ingr�dients the noir, ar�me, bleuet - peut contenir des traces de fruits � coque.

    Ingredients : black tea, aroma, cornfoiver - may contain traces of nuts. Zutaten: schwarzer tee, aroma, komblure kann spuren von n�ssen enthalter.

  • 2,5 g / 20 cl - 95�C - 5 min

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