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In modest, daily moments, Bonne Maman looks after us and those she cares about. She painstakingly picks only the finest plants and flowers that, when combined, create unforgettable moments. Relax your thoughts as you savor each drink. Relax and unwind with this delightfully lyrical combination of star anise, blackcurrant, lemon balm, and marshmallow. Relax your thoughts as you savor each drink.

Net weight 1.76 OZ

Contentment -Bonne Maman Loose Herbal Tea 1.76 OZ

SKU: 088702100907
  • Star anise*, Blackcurrant*, Lemon balm*, Marshmallow*, Brazil pepper*. *Organic certified ingredients. Caffeine free, no flavor or aroma added Filter your Bonne Maman Herbal Tea before drinking Allergen(s): Produced in a factory that also processes chestnut, butternut, ginko nut and coconut. Certified organic by Ecocert France SAS Non GMO

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