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Racket coffee, a unique feature of Saigon's coffee culture


Racket coffee is not as rich as C� Ph� Phin or espresso, but it has a very special flavor. Gentle coffee flavor, with acquaintances who drink rich coffee, will find S�i Sen Racket coffee a little faded. But when you enjoy it thoroughly, you will smell a bit of a notorious but very pleasant. For those of you who are not used to the bitterness of pure coffee, you can add some sugar or milk to the cup of racket coffee, stir well and then slowly taste. It's a popular coffee to drink any time of day but is often enjoyed as an after-dinner treat. Cultivated in the mountain shade regions of Vietnam and then handpicked by locals that are part of the Fair Trade organization USDA Certified Organic, you can rest assured that your organic racket coffee beans are nothing short of being handled by a delicate hand in Every bag of Sai Sen organic Coffee is filled to the top, giving you a natural caffeine boost you can be proud to support.

Ca Phe Vot - Organic - 250Gr

SKU: 795847548821

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