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Brie has been made in Canada since the French colonization. This classic, soft ripened seductive cheese is always the first to disappear from the cheese plate. Perfect sizes and value for catering and food service. This cheese is also Tablet K kosher.

The standard-bearer of French soft-rippened cheeses is Brie, a creamy cow�s milk delight, from the region of the same name. Eiffel Tower Brie features a chalky white rind and a cream-colored, buttery, soft interior that oozes when at the peak of ripeness and temperature. It is legally defined as a soft cow�s milk cheese that includes a surface mold and at least 40% butterfat. The result is a gooey, palate pleasing product that is complete in its flavor and texture, and versatile in nature.

Brie Buttery Creamy - Eiffel Tower - 7 OZ

SKU: 071270351970
Out of Stock
  • Quantity 1
    Shipping Weight 1 LB
    Cheese Type Brie
    Color White
    Features Gluten Free
    Origin Canada

    Package Size 7 oz.
    Perishable Type Refrigerated Foods
    Style Wheel
    Texture Soft & Semi-Soft
    Total Case Size 1 LB
    Type Cheese

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