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Terre Exotique, French Organic "Bouquet Garni", .7 oz
Bouquet garni is an essential ingredient, particularly in French cooking, for all traditional stews.  Chefs call it BG and use the subtle scents to flavor blanquettes, beef bourguignon, stocks, fish stocks and other stew-type dishes.

It couldn't be easier to use:  just pop it in your dish when you start cooking, and remove it just prior to serving.


  • Each box contains .7 oz of herbs in a biodegradable bag
  • Each box has a shelf life of 3 years
  • Terre Exotique recommends in order to preserve the organoleptic qualities of their dried plants as well as possible, they be stored at room temperature, away from light in the biodegradable bag provided for this purpose.
  • Imported from France

    About Terre Exotique
    Terre Exotique selects a range of plants and aromatic herbs of French origin, picked in the heart of the Occitan garrigue.  These aromatic herbs are grown on wild soils, away from pollution sources.  They pick the plants manually and responsibly, taking good care not to damage anything from the plant, and preserving the natural balances.

    Bouquet Garni Terre Exotique 0.7oz

    SKU: 3760063330434

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