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Add a luxuriously rich, clean flavor to your signature dishes or creamy sides with this Isigny Sainte-Mere PDO 8.8 oz. churned salted butter! Sourced solely from the Isigny terroir in France, this product boasts a bold, unique aroma and the suppleness of freshly-churned butter. Featuring a vibrant, golden yellow color, this ultra-pure, clarified butter is created by expert chefs for superior quality, perfect creaminess, and rich flavor. Using the old-fashioned, Normadic way, this product is made through a slow matriculation process where the milk is seeded with lactic cultures, left to rest for around 18 hours, and then the top cream is churned to create butter. Its smooth, silky, and impossibly light texture promotes spreadability on toast and breads while also creating a consistency strong enough to remain stable when exposed to heat! For the perfect finishing touch, this butter features pieces of coarse rock salt that add a pop of salty flavor and a subtly crunchy texture. With a notable hazelnut flavor, this butter is sure to wow your guests in any recipe you use it in! 

Isigny Sainte-Mere PDO Churned Salted Butter - 8.8 oz

SKU: 3254550025991

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