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Antibacterial Keep-warm/Cool Delicatessen Pot 300ml My Neighbor Totoro totoro Skater.

Includes eco-friendly & healthy recipes (calories) that can be cooked in the pot!
You can enjoy both hot meals and cold salads.

Add one more dish to your regular lunch!
Super lightweight and compact size perfect for lunch.
You can carry hot miso soup and other soups, curries, and cold salads and fruits at the right temperature for your cooking.

Keep warm*Keep cold to save money!
Comes with eco-friendly recipes that save time and energy by taking advantage of the heat retention*cooling power.

Keep-warm temperature: 56°C or higher (6 hours)
Cold keeping power: 10 degrees Celsius or lower (6 hours)

Bento Box Totoro-Skater 300ml

SKU: 4973307647918
  • Size:85 mm (diameter) X 134 mm (height)
    Capacity: 300ml
    Weight: 230g

  • Country of manufacture: China

    Material / component: [Quality Label (Heat Resistance Temperature)
    Body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
    Lid: Polypropylene (foam polystyrene inside) (heat resistant temperature: -20 to 140 degrees Celsius)
    Lid gasket*Drinking spout gasket: Silicone rubber (heat resistant -20 to 140 degrees Celsius)
    Drinking spout: Polypropylene (heat resistant -20 to 140 degrees Celsius)
    Bottom plate: Thermoplastic elastomer (heat resistance: -20 to 140 degrees Celsius)

    Type of antimicrobial agent used: Inorganic antimicrobial agent
    Processing method: Kneading
    Processed parts:Entire product (excluding metal parts and inner materials)

    The SIAA mark is displayed on products that have been evaluated according to the ISO22196 method and whose quality control* information has been disclosed in accordance with the guidelines of the Society of Industrial Antimicrobial Articles Technology.

    *It does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria.
    *Do not use microwave ovens, automatic dishwashers, or dish dryers.
    *Do not store contents for extended periods of time. Do not keep raw food warm.

    Package: Individual Packaging

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