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Bela-olhao sardines, in cayenne pepper flavored extra virgin olive oil are wild-caught sardines from portugal. Caught by local fisherman, never frozen, and with no discernable levels of mercury, pollutants or pesticides, they are checked every step of the way and canned within eight hours of being caught, preserving their fresh, delicate flavor. These sardines are lightly smoked in cayenne pepper flavored extra virgin olive oil. Each can contains 4.25 oz. Or 120 g of fine portuguese sardines. A product you can happily include in your family�s diet, they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and calcium.

  • Wild Caught � All Natural � Product of Portugal

  • Kosher

  • BPA Free



A natural source of Omega-3s and full of smoky flavor, our Bela Smoked Sardines are wild caught by local family fisheries off the Portuguese coast. Known to be sustainably sourced, this tasty fish is packed fresh in olive oil within eight hours of the catch. They can be spread onto bread and crackers, or they can be enjoyed alone for a wonderful snack.

Bela Sardines � Sardines Piri Piri Smoke-4.23 oz

SKU: 633600502331
  • Sardines, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Piri-Piri Flavor, Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor

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