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How To make Blooming Flowering Tea?

Sen Organic Blooming Flower Tea is a tasty and easy way to add a touch of visual flair to a cup of refreshing tea. The beautiful flowers in the blooming will open up to reveal blooming inner leaves that are tender and akin to tasting like a delicate green or white tea.

What's the best way to prepare Sen Organic Blossoming Flowers Balls? Here are some tips.

First, make sure to use a high-quality water. Blooming flowers tea requires clean water at every step, so don't add anything to it or filter it, just use it the way it is. You'll also need a pot that's big enough to accommodate a full bloom. If your pot isn’t large enough, the tea leaves can get crushed and their flavor might be cut short. Be sure to fill your pot with enough water as well. Unlike green or white teas, blooming flowers tea balls need time to unfurl properly, so be patient and do not hurry the flowers. And once you’ve prepared your blooming tea leaves for brewing, don’t touch them until they’re ready for drinking!

This is the perfect tea for those looking for a visually pleasing experience. There's no need to add sugar or honey to your cup when you order blooming flower at Sen Organic Farmers Market because they come prepared and ready to enjoy. It would be absurd to omit the natural sweetness of these teas; as beautiful as they may be, they are also spectacularly delicious.

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