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Holiday Deals

Holiday Package Deals

vietnam IMG_9175.JPG
$ 59.99

Product Basket

  • Banh Pho Gao Luc x1

  • Re-pack Pho Spice x2

  • Vietnamese Five Spice x1

the french tea IMG_9221.JPG
$ 59.99

The French Tea Time

  • Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise Earl Grey Pure Butter Waffles

  • Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise Caramel Pure Butter Waffles

  • Canasuc Sugar Teapots

  • Goulibeur Shortbread in Eco Tube

  • Goulibeur Cocoa Shortbread in Eco Tube

the herbs IMG_9195.JPG
$ 89.99

The French Herbs

  • Cordero Red Lentil Pasta (Gluten Free)

  • L'Ami Provencal Lavender Flowers in Gift Box

  • Coucke Sardine Tin Linen Tea Towel

  • Cordero Mushroom & Saffron Risotto

  • Aux Anysetiers du Roy Herbs de Provence in Ceramic Jar